Please kindly note that our dental treatment is not coverd by health insurance.

At Natori Dental Office, all patients receive a free initial dental examination and consultation, to identify issues and plan the right kind of treatment. All dental treatment plans and fees are explained thoroughly at this stage. The prices below are rough indications, as fees can vary depending on the individual case or treatment period. Payment may be made by cash or credit card. A dental loan is also available so that you can stay within your monthly budget. Please feel free to inquire about this. Please note our treatments are not covered by National Health Insurance. *All prices include tax

Consultation & Checkups


Initial consultation (30 mins) ¥5,500
Follow-up to initial consultation (30 mins) ¥11,000
Issuing a letter of introduction ¥3,300

Basic complete dental checkup

Advanced complete dental checkup (17 items including gum disease virus check and precise dental bite check) ¥55,000
Panoramic X-ray photography ¥5,500
Dental X-ray photography ¥1,100/(1 sheet)
CT (Computerized tomography) ¥11,000

Surgical Treatments

Teeth extraction

Teeth extraction Simple extraction ¥22,000 (1 tooth)
Surgical extraction (gingival incision required) ¥44,000 (1 tooth)
Wisdom tooth (impacted tooth) (Normal teeth extraction may be applicable) ¥66,000 (1 tooth)

CGF (Regeneration) Therapy

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors) Therapy ¥35,000
AFG (Autorogous Fibrinogen Glue) Therapy ¥35,000

Medication・General anesthetic

Medication Acesodyne (for 3 days) ¥1,980
Antibiotic (for 3 days) ¥1,980
Zithromax (when normal antibiotics are not effective) ¥5,500
General anesthetic Specialist required ¥88,000

General Treatments

PM Krieg PM PM / PMTC about 1 hour) ¥11,000
Filling to treat general tooth decay ¥11,000
Removal of metal fillings (inlay, crown) ¥11,000
Replacement of metal base (core metal) ¥33,000
MTA treatment (nerve protection, root repair) ¥33,000
False tooth ¥8,800
Gold crown ¥240,000

Root Canal Therapy

Anterior tooth ¥132,000
Bicuspid tooth ¥154,000
Molar tooth ¥176,000
CT-scan (when necessary for treatment) ¥11,000
Fragment elimination in root canal ¥33,000
Production of metal base(core metal) ¥33,000

Cosmetic Dentistry

Direct Tooth Bonding

Back molar ¥44,000〜¥110,000
Anterior tooth ¥44,000〜¥110,000
Polishing 6-months after treatment ¥5,500

Ceramic Crown
(zirconia base)

Zirconia-base crowns are popular for their attractive appearance and color closest to natural teeth. As metal is not used, the natural appearance is retained even as the gum wears down.Zirconia-base crowns are popular for their attractive appearance and color closest to natural teeth. As metal is not used, the natural appearance is retained even as the gum wears down. Zirconia-base crowns are popular for their attractive appearance and color closest to natural teeth. As metal is not used, the natural appearance is retained even as the gum wears down.
zirconia base Anterior tooth ¥220,000
Back molar ¥220,000

Ceramic Crown
(metal base)

Metal crowns are known for their strength and durability. The metal bases may become visible as the gum wears down, however, this is no problem from the aspect of function and health unless the tooth itself has decayed. Ceramic crown (Inside: Metal, Surface: White)
metal base Anterior tooth ¥190,000
Back molar ¥190,000

Ceramic Crown Attachments

In the case when the entire lower and/ or upper teeth are covered by the crown, or the patient has a TMJ disorder, it can be extremely hard to fix the dental bite. In such cases, an additional fee may be required.
4 – 5 teeth ¥55,000
6 – 12 teeth ¥88,000

TMJ Treatments

TMJ Treatments

Occlusion adjustment using a digital device Based on dental CT / X-ray data, inspection and adjustment are performed using “T scan” that digitally measures the bite and bite force.
Aquarizer diagnostic device ¥7,000
DTR Therapy (Occlusion adjustment method using digital device) * Including this adjustment (up to 2 checks) and 1 injection of Botox into the masseter muscle ¥330,000
Botox injection 1 time 1.25ml ¥55,000
3 Botox injections (every 4 months, 1.25 ml per injection) ¥110,000
Adjustment fee (6 months after occlusal adjustment) ¥10,000
MRI diagnostic fee ¥11,000
sensor replacement fee ¥11,000
* Depending on the symptoms, “DTR Therapy” may not be applicable. In such a case, or if we judge that treatment at our hospital is difficult, we will responsibly refer you to a specialized hospital.



A transparent mouthpiece that fits in your mouth It is a treatment method using a transparent mouthpiece that was born in the United States in 1997. The transparent mouthpiece fits naturally into your mouth so that you don’t even notice that you are wearing braces, and you can replace it yourself according to a medical examination (usually once every two to three months) to proceed with treatment.
Invisalign Light (Treatment period 8-12 months) * Includes all corrective inspection costs of 33,000 yen and retention equipment of 66,000 yen. ¥750,000
Invisalign full set (treatment period 12 to 24 months) * Includes all corrective inspection costs of 33,000 yen and retention equipment of 66,000 yen. ¥1,200,000
* After starting Invisalign treatment, there will be no cost other than the above fees. However, the cost of the dental dock (human mouth dock) before treatment is required separately. * For Invisalign, a check once every three months is sufficient compared to straightening with a wire, but instead it is necessary for the patient to replace the mouthpiece properly according to the schedule.

Autogenous Tooth Surgery

Anterior tooth ¥154,000
Back molar ¥198,000
Other tooth(Hemisection) ¥66,000

Gum Disease Treatments

Removal of plaque and tartar

Carefully detail with a microscope It removes tartar and plaque that cannot be dealt with by self-care alone, and stabilizes the periodontal tissue. Since plaque control centered on daily brushing is important for the prevention of periodontal disease, we will also talk about daily care.
Scaling ¥11,000
Basic periodontal treatment (full jaw) mild ¥220,000
Basic treatment for periodontal disease (full jaw) moderate ¥440,000
Periodontal disease basic treatment (full jaw) severity ¥660,000

Gum surgery

Corresponding to advanced periodontal disease In the case of severe periodontal disease, an incision is made in the gums to thoroughly remove deep contamination. For gingival and bone defects, we aim to improve by long-term periodontal disease treatment using transplantation and regenerative therapy.
CTG (Connective Tissue Transplant)¥110,000
FGG (Free Gingival Graft) ¥110,000
CTG(Connective Tissue Graft) ¥110,000
Complicated(More about gum disease treatments) ¥220,000



Implant treatment that puts the patient’s interests first The director, Natori, has a track record of treating thousands of implants and has been certified as an “implant specialist” by the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology. However, we do not forcibly recommend implants. Because I am an implant professional, I value “the value of implant treatment and treatment that leaves my teeth”.
Guide Surgery * Creating a guide to prevent pain during surgery ¥55,000(Up to 3)
Implant surgery ¥260,000
Implant (base + zirconia) ¥400,000
Implant (base + metal bond) ¥350,000
Implant (All-on-4) ¥2,500,000
Implant screw ¥35,000
Attachment ¥5,500
Locator ¥55,000

Implant false tooth

Implant false tooth ¥44,000

Bone-building treatment


It is an effective treatment method when the bone that forms the basis of the implant cannot withstand the implant placement.
Easy case (GBR landscaping) ¥150,000
Complex cases (sinus lift maxillary sinus elevation) ¥250,000
* Material costs are not included.

Whitening Treatments

Office whitening

Whitening considering the condition of teeth The director will provide counseling to check the condition of the teeth, listen to the patient’s wishes as much as possible, and decide on a whitening policy. Considering teeth, we propose whitening at our hospital with two visits including cleaning.
Cleaning (PMTC) ¥11,000
Whitening Treatments Whitening (one visit) ¥44,000
* Depending on the patient, the teeth may stain. * This hospital only handles office whitening.