The only DTR certified dentist in Japan  The essence of Digital Occlusal Treatment and Clinical SeminarThe only DTR certified dentist in Japan  The essence of Digital Occlusal Treatment and Clinical Seminar

The only DTR certified dentist in Japan
The essence of Digital Occlusal Treatment and Clinical Seminar

Here at Natori Dental Clinic, with the goal of “correct occlusion” we have been performing Dr. Mark Piper’s scientific bite treatment (DTR), which is not yet known in Japan. DTR was the solution to my temporomandibular joint problems that I had for 30 years, which has stabilized my condition when I went to the United States in 2017 and received occlusal treatment from Yiannios, N. In addition to my clinical practices at my own clinic, In August 2022, I became the first DTR Certified dentist in Japan at Digital Occlusion Seminars which was hosted by Robert Kerstein, DMD and Ben Sutter, DMD.

Mr. Robert Kerstein is not only a dentist, but also a DTR/TMD engineer involved in the development and improvement of Teckscan’s T-scan ( An evangelist. He was the examiner when I acquired my qualification, he was very strict in both the classroom lectures and practical training, but after I successfully acquired the qualification, he became a mentor and one of my dearest friends.


■ Tekscan ( T-Scan )
Tekscan, Inc.

Specialized in Digital Occlusal Treatment Seminar held by DTR

There are many well-known dentist in Japan who specialize in occlusion and temporomandibular joint disorders. And above all, I am not the type of person to push others away and get in front of others, so I declined to give conference or give oral presentations. I have a clinical practice to provide individual treatment for each person who visited my clinic, but in Japan, there is almost no information about digital occlusion treatment and there are a lot of motivated dentist who wants to learn the basics. Even if you want to learn about it, you basically have to go to the United States and attend the aforementioned seminars by Robert Kerstein, DMD and Ben Sutter, DMD, and the reality is that the hurdles are very high. It is not easily available domestically.

As a clinician myself, and as a patient who has suffered from temporomandibular joint disorders for many years, I have the wish that new Reiwa Occlusal Treatment will spread in Japan, moving away from the old Showa-style occlusal theory. That feeling motivated me to be certified in the summer of 2022, by the next year in 2023, I would like to learn DTR practice and Dr. Mark Piper’s temporomandibular joint and occlusal theory from a doctor I respect. I received a consultation.

I felt embarrassed and I firmly declined, but due to the enthusiasm of the teachers, I decided to hold a total of six DTR seminars from April 2023 to January 2024 with the aim of “Understanding Temporomandibular Joints and Occlusion.” Dentist came to my clinic in Utsunomiya for classroom lectures, including the transition from Dr. Peter E. Dawson to Dr. Mark Piper, and the new generation of digital occlusal treatment by Robert Kerstein DMD and Yiannios, N DMD. In addition to my DTR clinical case study and discussion, the participants experienced an introduction to equipment essential to DTR, such as Botox treatment, T-SCAN, and Innobyte.

It was my first time hosting a seminar of this type, so I think there were many things that I missed, but thanks to the enthusiasm and support of the teachers, I was able to complete the seminar successfully. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the teachers who participated.

1st event held on April 23, 2023
2nd session held on May 14, 2023
3rd session held on June 25, 2023
4th event held on July 23, 2023
5th session held on September 24, 2023
6th session held on January 21, 2024

As a clinician, I place top priority on the treatment of patients who visit Natori Dental Clinic, but I am also responsible for promoting the correct understanding of temporomandibular joints and occlusion in Japan, as well as raising awareness and disseminating information about DTR (Digital Occlusal Therapy). We hope to continue doing what we.